To provide a network of organisations dedicated to or interested in preserving UK fire heritage.

  1. Name

1.1     The name of the organisation shall be “Fire Heritage Network UK” hereafter referred to as the Network

    • The Network will incorporate a formal Executive Committee, to plan, oversee and co-ordinate activities and organise an annual seminar/conference.
    • The aim of this document is to satisfy the strategic requirements of the Network.
  1. Aims and Objectives

2.1     The aims and objectives of the Network are:

  • To establish and maintain a network of interested organisations.
  • To provide support and advice to participating members of the Network.
  • To establish and maintain reference listings of fire-related collections and information.
  • To establish and maintain a website with both public and restricted (members’) access.
  • To publicise the Network and encourage membership.
  • To identify and provide financial support through sponsorship or membership fees in order to undertake the business of the Network.
  • To encourage and promote the preservation of UK fire heritage.
  • To be non-profit making and therefore will re-invest any monies, where appropriate to further the aims and objectives of the organisation.


  1. Executive Committee


3.1       The Executive Committee will comprise of a Chairman, four officer posts and four ordinary Committee members. No member shall hold more than one position on the Executive Committee.

3.2          Any individual who is a bona fide member of an organisation which is a paid-up Ordinary member of the Network (see Sn.4) shall be eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

  • Nominations and elections for appointment to the Executive Committee shall be made at alternate Annual General Meetings, the post holders remaining in office for two years thereafter, viz:

Even years:       Chairman, Treasurer, Website Manager and two ordinary committee members

Odd years:     Secretary, Membership Secretary and two ordinary

committee members

Assistants to these positions may be made.

3.3       All Executive Committee members shall have voting rights. In the event that the Chairman fails to fulfil their period of office an appointee nominated by and from the Executive Committee will be put in place until the end of the natural term.

  • The Executive Committee may, in addition, appoint not more than two co-opted members to specialist posts, to assist with the workings of the Such co-opted members may be from organisations that are paid-up Ordinary members of the Network, or Associate members, and shall have no voting rights at Executive Committee meetings.
  • The Executive Committee shall have authority to temporarily replace a member(s) should a vacancy occur prior to the next Annual General Meeting at which the post is due for election
  1. Membership

4.1        There shall be two categories of membership, to be known as Ordinary membership and Associate membership

  • Ordinary membership shall be available principally to:
  • organisations established to preserve the heritage of the British fire and rescue service, organisations established to conserve fire-related collections, organisations established to provide a membership opportunity for individuals with specific fire-related collecting interests or the fire service as a wider topic.


(ii)   Other types of organisations, such as:

individual fire and rescue services, fire and rescue service associations and

bodies, other heritage and collectors organisations, non fire-related

museums and heritage centres, or non-UK organisations as above,

subject to the approval of the committee.


4.3       Associate membership shall be available principally to those persons having previously been a member of an organisation described in 4.2 above, such organisation having previously been a paid-up ordinary member of the Network and having ceased to exist or been officially wound up.


(i)         Such membership shall be at the discretion of the EC.

(ii)        Associate members shall pay a subscription rate equal to half of the ordinary annual rate outlined in (7.4)

(iii)       Associate members shall have no voting rights

(iv)       Associate Members shall not be eligible for election to the Executive Committee but shall be eligible for co-option onto the Committee for special purposes, as outlined in (3.4).

4.4      Otherwise than as outlined under (4.3) there shall be no category for individual membership

4.5       Membership of the Network may be terminated by the Executive Committee. The organisation or individual concerned may be given the opportunity to appeal by attendance at a meeting of the Executive Committee or Sub Committee appointed for the purpose.

  1. Meetings

Executive Committee Meetings

5.1        The annual or other meetings of the committee shall be chaired by the
Chairman, or a committee member nominated by the Chairman, in his
absence .

Annual General Meetings

5.2       The Annual General Meeting of the Network will be held as soon as
possible following the close of the financial year. Six weeks notice of
the date, time and place of the meeting shall be given.

Notice of any motion shall be forwarded, in writing, to the Secretary within 21 days of such notice of the Annual General Meeting being issued. Particulars of any such motion submitted shall be included in the Agenda for the Meeting which shall be made available, together with a copy of the balance sheet for the previous and current year (interim), 14 days prior to the meeting.

5.3       The business transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be: 

(i)         To receive the reports of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Website Manager.

(ii)       To elect the Chairman, Officers and ordinary committee members as in (3.2) above

(iii)      To transact any motion previously submitted for inclusion on the Agenda.

(iv)       To appoint the auditors of the accounts.

Special General Meetings

  • The Executive Committee may convene a Special General Meeting of Network members at any time, to consider important business of an exceptional nature, or if at least six member organisations request such a meeting in writing, stating the business to be considered. At least 21 days’ notice of such Special General Meeting shall be given to
  • The constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by majority vote at any Annual General or Special General Meeting.


  1. Voting

Executive Committee meetings

  • A quorum of at least five full members of the Executive Committee must be present to conduct the business of the committee. No decisions made at an inquorate meeting shall be binding.
  • Decisions will be taken by a majority vote of the full Executive Committee members present including the Chairman, in the case of votes being equal the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

General Meetings

  • Proposals requiring a vote must be supported by a seconder.
  • Decisions will be taken by a majority vote of the paid-up Ordinary members present including the Chairman. In the case of votes being equal, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
  • At least three Executive Committee members and representatives of at least six Ordinary member organisations must be present for a resolution to be
  • Votes may be cast by the representatives of each member organisation present, but only one vote per member organisation shall be permitted.
  • Where it is deemed appropriate, the Executive Committee may permit proposals or votes to be cast by post, fax or email, providing that the full text of any such proposal has been included in the notice received. Additionally, proxy voting may be permitted providing the Secretary has received notice of intent to do so in advance of the meeting.
  1. Management of Funds
  • All payments made by, or on behalf of the Network in furtherance of the objectives of the organisation shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • All monies associated with the Network shall be paid into an account opened in the name of Fire Heritage Network UK. Such monies shall only be withdrawn for the purpose of paying accounts and dues of the Network upon signature by the Treasurer and one of two other named persons as registered with the Network bank and agreed by officials.
  • The officers of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Network within the policy laid down by the committee.


  • Subscriptions shall be set annually at the Annual General Meeting and will become due each 1st November
  • Organisations wishing to become members after the due date shall pay a pro-rata subscription date to be determined by the Treasurer.
  • Any Ordinary or Associate member whose subscription remains unpaid more than six months after the renewal date will be automatically deemed to have resigned from the Network with immediate effect.
  1. Accounts

8.1     The Treasurer will provide books of accounts to show all sums of money

received and paid. The financial year shall close on 31st August

  • The accounts of the Network shall be presented annually after the correctness of the income and expenditure account balance sheet has been certified by an independent person with some financial experience appointed in time for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Should any changes of treasurer occur midway through a term of office, the accounts should be audited by the appointed auditor, prior to such changes.
  • The maintenance of an inventory of property and any equipment shall be the responsibility of the Secretary and will be presented to the AGM, having been verified by two members appointed by the committee.
  1. Annual Conference
  • The Annual Conference shall normally take place on the same date and at the same venue as the Annual General Meeting for that year
  • The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the overall co­ordination of the conference. All participants and involved parties/individuals will adhere to the standing rules as approved by the
  • The Executive Committee shall be responsible for all matters of policy, administration and finance of the conference.
  • The conference shall seek the participation of every fire heritage related organisation within the UK.
  • The conference should have an overall theme that is linked to the continued interests and advancement of promoting the aims and objectives of the Network.
  • Trade exhibitions may be held on the same day as the conference at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  1. Dissolution

If the Executive Committee considers that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve or wind-up the Network, it shall convene a special general meeting of all members, of which not less than 21 days’ notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given.

If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote, the Executive Committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Network.

Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities   shall    be   divided    equally   between    paid-up    member organisations of the Network.

A copy of the statement of accounts for the final accounting period must be sent to members.

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